Meet Sally

Sally is 38 years old and the mother of 3 children. She and her husband have a financial advisor who is helping them save for retirement and for their kids’ college.

They have goals that are pretty well defined and they don’t connect very often with their financial advisor. 

A Moment of Panic

Sally’s friend read somewhere that college is going to cost $200,000 by the time all of their kids are in school. This, of course, made Sally decide to call her financial advisor. She was worried that her future wasn’t as secure as she’d thought. She needed to know if what she was doing was enough.

The Conversation

So Sally called her financial advisor. Let’s call him Tim. They hadn’t spoken in months, so they caught up a bit before they got down to business. Ultimately, it came to this: Sally and her husband hadn’t been doing nearly enough. They were much further behind than they’d hoped to be and realized they were going to have to make some significant changes to their lifestyle if their oldest was going to be able to pay for college in 8 years.

The Realization

After talking to Tim, Sally realized that she wasn’t as “on top of things” as she thought. She knew she was partly to blame…because she hadn’t really talked to her advisor much. She’d kind of ignored him actually, hoping things were fine. She had been somewhat passive with her finances. She wished, though, that Tim were more involved…a little more proactive when it came to her family. Why didn’t he reach out to her to let her know she wasn’t doing enough? Why did she have to come to him? Why didn’t he initiate some conversations about other options…about something specific for her situation

Decision Time

Sally has to make a decision. It’s about more than whether she’s going to find a new financial advisor. It’s about whether she’s going to be surprised again. It’s about whether she’s going to take financial leadership seriously in her own life. It’s about being active, with her finances and her advisor.

Financial Leadership

The Objective Measure Conference is coming to Minneapolis on October 5th. Objective Measure is about active financial leadership. It’s for both advisors and clients, and it’s about preparing for the future. Advisors have a responsibility to make the financial services industry all that it could be for people like Sally and her family. Clients…and potential clients…have a responsibility to be proactive, to change the way they talk about and manage their finances. They need to take ownership of their futures alongside their advisors.

Join us at the Objective Measure Conference as we raise the standards for active financial leadership.