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Raising the Standards for Active Financial Leadership

Charley Ellis

Investment Consultant, Founder, Greenwich Associates

Charles D. Ellis’s professional career centered on Greenwich Associates, the international strategy consulting firm he founded in 1972. It grew in the 30 years he was Managing Partner to serve the leading firms in over 130 professional financial markets around the world and in Australia. He now serves as a consultant on investing to several of the world’s largest institutional investors, government organizations, and wealthy families. 

Charley chairs the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research, he also chaired the governing board and the investment committee and on the investment board for King Abdullah University in Saudi Arabia as a trustee and chair of the finance committee. He served as a successor trustee of Yale University where he chaired the investment committee, as trustee of Phillips Exeter Academy, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Eagle Hill School, and as an overseer of the Stern Schools of Business at New York University and as an advisor to The Brown Foundation and CalPERS. He has also served on the Visiting Committee of the Harvard Business School, as a consultant to Australia’s Future Fund, New Zealand’s and Singapore’s GIC.

A graduate of Exeter and Yale College, Charley earned an MBA (with distinction) at Harvard Business School and a Ph.D. at New York University. The author of 16 books, including Falling Short, What it Takes, The Partnership: The Making of Goldman Sachs, CAPITAL, Winning the Loser’s Game and, with Burt Malkiel, Elements of Investing. He has taught the advanced courses in investment management at both Yale School of Management and Harvard Business School and is one of 11 individuals honored for lifetime contributions to the investment profession.