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Your Money. Your Life. Aligned.

 Financial planning is more than preparing in case of catastrophe or being ready for retirement. Financial leadership is not just donating to charities or leaving an inheritance. Financial planning and leadership require a conversation that lasts a lifetime. It’s about more than how much you make. It’s about discovering what matters to you and how to align that with what you have and where you’re going.

The Objective Measure Conference is changing the way people understand their potential. It’s changing the way they understand their purpose and their goals, and it’s giving them clarity on what it takes to get there. From knowing your purpose to setting your course; from healthy, attainable habits to trusted, sustainable relationships—financial leadership is how your money and your life align.

Objective Measure Conference is a nonprofit created to help you. Join the conversation and register your interest to attend the next conference.

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2018 Speakers


William Birdthistle will be presenting the 401k at 40: A midlife crisis. Attendees will learn how to understand the 401k, how and why it is failing us and what we can do to overcome it. He will teach attendees:

  • How the current savings system has shifted and has subsequently damaged individual investors.
  • How fees affect performance and what we should be paying financial professionals.
  • Practical steps to arm ourselves with the knowledge to save, invest and thrive in our current system.

To learn more about William Birdthistle, please view his biography.


Vera Jones will be helping attendees trust their vision and play through the foul which ultimately changes who you are by creating empathy and giving you a purpose. Attendees will:

  • Learn the difference between sight and vision. Your sight will tell you what’s around you. But your vision will take you where you need to be going.
  • Gain impactful principles of how to passionately play your position when you’re “On the Bench.”
  • Learn how to embrace the fouls of your life and how they can help you find your purpose.

To learn more about Vera Jones, please view her biography.


David Horsager will be presenting the trust edge: how trust equips you to set a better financial and life course. Attendees will learn about:

  • Clarity and simplifying. The Objective Measure Conference is removing mystery and making abstract ideas simpler to people. By removing mystery, we’re building trust.
  • Commitment and why the Objective Measure Conference was founded on this principle.
  • Consistency and the Habits we are taught. How a better future is possible when good decisions become a daily routine. It’s how good businesses are built. It’s how good relationships last. It’s how good lives are lived.

To learn more about David Horsager, please view his biography.

Dr. Tasha

Dr Tasha Eurich will be presenting the insightful investor: how self-awareness enables extraordinary financial success. She will help attendees:

  • Learn what self-awareness is, why it matters for successful investing, and why most of us aren’t as self-aware as we think.
  • Discover the biggest self-awareness blind spots investors face and how to overcome them.
  • Understand the 4 Pillars of Investor Self-Insight, as well as how to cultivate and discuss them with their advisor and/or investment partners (spouse, family, etc.).

To learn more about Dr Tasha Eurich, please view her biography.


Fred Martin will be discussing investment anxiety and the powerless investor: gaining control by changing perspective. His learning objectives will help you invest by discovering what you can control such as:

  • Spending and developing a savings lifestyle
  • Determining your approach to the markets
  • Measuring and evaluating your progress

To learn more about Fred Martin, please view his biography.


Doug Lennick will be presenting the science of good choices and how otherwise smart people do dumb things with their money. He will give attendees:

  • An Understanding: There’s science and psychology behind the decisions that people make. Understanding it allows people to change their behavior by changing their decisions.
  • A Resolve: It’s possible to be a better financial decision maker. We aren’t bound to our decision-making habits or the neuroscience of it.
  • A Plan: Investors need specific support and reinforcement from their financial advisors. By changing their decision-making process, investors can change their direction.

To learn more about Doug Lennick, please view his biography.


Charles Duhigg will be presenting on the science of good habits. He will give attendees the framework to build good financial habits so that they can appreciate better outcomes including:

  • Giving attendees the framework for new habit formation
  • Training attendees to identify the rewards that will help them change their behavior
  • Empowering attendees to use these tools to live out healthy, good habits

To learn more about Charles Duhigg, please view his biography.

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