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Goal Based Investing:
How to Define Your Investment Goals

If you’re new to investing it can be difficult to know where and how to start. That’s where Objective Measure can help. As a non-profit, our goal is to simply help you understand how to invest in the educational resources you’ll need to succeed.

The Basics of Investing – The Insights You’ll Need to Succeed

If you want to become a successful investor, you need to have goals. By taking the time to clarify the overall purpose of your investment, and by setting reasonable goals, you can then set the trajectory for your life going forward. You can manage your expectations and support your vision over the long run.

If you’re ready to get started with setting your investment goals, or if you need help determining which goals are attainable given your current financial situation and portfolio then we’re here to help you with that. When defining your goals for investing, here are a few things to understand first.

1. The Difference Between Saving & Investing

Saving is the process of putting money away for safety (from economic downturns, unexpected bills, and other life moments). Investing is the process of growing (or building upon those years of savings).

2. Investing Isn’t About Making You Rich

Investing is not meant to make you rich, but a purposeful activity meant to enrich your life. When was the last time you asked yourself, how might I enrich my life if I learned to invest confidently?

3. Personal Goals Matter

We are all different, which means our goals are different. Growth to you, and growth to me might mean very different things. Thus, it’s important as you define your goals of investing that you define the outcomes you’d like to achieve financially in your life (remember, the goals you’d like to achieve, not the goals you think others expect from you).

4. Your Margin of Safety Provides Confidence

Like other areas of your life, it’s important to create a margin of safety in your finances. While you can’t prevent bad things from happening, you can take action to prevent those things from becoming catastrophic. We recommend that your margin of safety includes a rainy day fund, the proper insurance, control of your debt, and having a will and trust in place for your next of kin. Without these items in place, investing will be more like gambling.

How to Define Your Investment Goals

If you are interested in crafting your investment goals & building your investment portfolio right now, great! Here’s a quick exercise to help you define what’s meaningful to you on your personal finance journey.

1.Write down how you can get your margin of safety in order (if need be):

a. How much savings do I have, and how much would I need to have 6 months in the rainy day fund?

b. Do I have the right insurance to protect me, and my loved ones? Write down all of the insurance plans you currently have.

c. What is my current debt situation? Write down every individual debt, including the total debt, monthly payment, and interest rate.

d. Do I have a Will and/or Trust in place? Remember, if you’re going to be proactive with how you live, you should also be proactive with how you die.

2.Take a few minutes to come up with a single-sentence vision statement.

a. Think about the life you desire to live.

b. Think about the financial goals you’re striving to achieve.

c. Think about the timeline in which you’d like to achieve these things.

By organizing your margin of safety details, and by writing down your personal vision statement, you’re well on your way to defining your financial goals. Answering these quick questions can tremendously impact the financial outcome of your life.

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Investing is not meant to make you rich, but a purposeful activity meant to enrich your life. When was the last time you asked yourself, how might I enrich my life if I learned to invest confidently?


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