Your plan for investing

Holistic Financial Planning:
How to Think About Your
Investment Portfolio

Your Investment Plan Is A Foundation
Of Financial Literacy

When you understand the basics of how to effectively apply various financial skills to your day-to-day life you will have achieved the foundations of financial literacy, and be ready to have a successful investment plan.

Your Plan For Investing

To create a successful plan for investing, we recommend that you follow a few core principles of financial literacy. These principles include the following.

Saving Money

First, you must learn how to save regularly to build, and sustain, a margin of safety. Remember, you can’t control the markets, but you can control your savings and financial security. Furthermore, careful spending is just as important as saving, as it’s how you can sustain a lifestyle committed to saving and investing at the same time.

Determining Milestones

Creating milestones for your investment plan isn’t about crossing a finish line, it’s about ensuring you’re on track. So, be sure to set 1-year milestones (around building a margin of safety) and 5-year milestones (around building investments).

If you’re having trouble with creating these milestones, give our Annual Physical Investment a try. This will help you get some ideas of what successful milestones can look like based on your specific investments. When you assess your milestones, be sure to do them individually, not blanked across all of your accounts; this will help you better understand where the influences within your portfolio exist.

Create An Investment Pledge

If you’re not willing to write down and commit to your goals (we call this a pledge), then you might not be ready to succeed in investing. We recommend that you write a pledge that highlights your commitments around monthly savings, and 1 & 5-year milestones, and acknowledges who will be your accountability partner along the journey. This pledge is the official statement of your commitment to success, so don’t take it lightly.

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