Who is Objective Measure?

Objective Measure is a nonprofit dedicated to empowering and inspiring people so that they have the confidence to make good choices about their investments. We provide practical investment tools to help you evaluate your current investments or start investing. Therefore, we DO NOT sell financial products, endorse advisors, or recommend investments. We are never here to make a profit, we’re here to help you make better investment decisions and live a fuller financial life.  


Objective Measure helps prepare real people like you and others to make informed decisions about their money. 

Why do we want you to learn how to invest? It’s simple. We want your life to become more full and enriched. We’re a non-profit who aims to teach basic investment literacy to empower YOU to engage in investing. At Objective Measure, we know that what we’re doing is only possible if it’s done without any strings attached. After using our simple tools and processes, attendees have the knowledge and confidence to become active participants in their investments.

Is ObjectiveMeasure.org right for me?

If you are earning an income, participating in a company sponsored 401k, or struggling to understand your investment statements or investment jargon, this is right for you. Wherever you are on your investment journey, we can help you. The best time to start is now. 


When it comes to investing, most of us tend to fall into one of two categories: needing to act or needing to evaluate. Many of us want to take action and invest but simply don’t know how. If we are invested, we have no idea how to truly evaluate whether we are on the right track or not. Whichever category you fall into, Objective Measure can help you to make informed decisions about your money to become a confident and active participant in your investments.

How do I start with ObjectiveMeasure.org?

Join us in person or online in the setting that you prefer. Both of the ObjectiveMeasure.org classroom options provide confidential support so that you can educate yourself and confidently move forward as an active participant in your investments.


The Objective Measure Investment Essentials Course is an online class that can be taken at your own pace. Once you sign up, you have lifetime access to the course, concepts, and resources provided. Our digital classrooms and online community groups are designed to help support you in your investing journey. Want to know what to expect? Visit our Classroom page to learn more.


ObjectiveMeasure.org aims to teach basic investment literacy
to empower individuals to engage in investing.

Core Values


We want to see people move.
To see them start and then
grow and become empowered
through knowledge.


Investing should not be as
complicated as it has become. We
enjoy teaching how to simplify
investing to help build confidence.


Everyone has a reason why
they should invest.
Identifying it can help you to
begin and motivate you to take control of your investments.

Our History

  • August 2016
  • October 2017
  • October 2018
  • October 2019-April 2020
  • Today
  • Inspired Investment Leadership is Founded

    Inspired Investment Leadership (IIL) is a nonprofit with a goal to help people develop a purposeful, productive, and peaceful relationship with their money. IIL works to provide people with education that empowers them to take financial leadership with their investments. They established the program Objective Measure and their work can be seen through classrooms, conference halls, and on the faces of attendees who have become confident and active participants in their investments.
  • Objective Measure Conference

    The first Objective Measure Conference established our vision and encouraged attendees to build better communication around their investments. The conference hosted high-caliber speakers that inspired and fascinated attendees.

  • Objective Measure Conference

    The second Objective Measure Conference helped attendees realize that achieving financial leadership means aligning their money and life goals. Establishing your purpose and understanding your investments gives you the motivation to start learning and understanding investing. These themes were underpinned by expert investment and motivational speakers.

  • Objective Measure Classrooms

    The Objective Measure team began the development of an education class that will provide simple tools and processes so that attendees could become confident and active participants in their investments. Objective Measure offered a series of pilot classes to help refine and perfect the curriculum.

  • Objective Measure

    The Objective Measure team developed an online and in-person learning portal at ObjectiveMeasure.org. Today, Objective Measure is setup to empower people to become confident, active participants in their investments. We are proud to be a nonprofit that is helping people to remove the ambiguity surround investing. We look forward to continuing our mission one person at a time.

    Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime –Unknown

The Beginning:
Fred Martin’s

Meet the Team



paula miller

When Fred Martin started the nonprofit, Inspired Investment Leadership, it was out of the realization that the financial services industry was in crisis. With nearly 45 years as a portfolio manager and as the head of a major investment management firm in the Twin Cities, Fred has demonstrated both the wit and the fortitude to navigate a difficult industry. And with a lifetime of experience in victory and defeat, both personally and professionally, Fred knew that his industry needed something drastic. 

Fred founded Inspired Investment Leadership as a nonprofit to help everyday people develop a purposeful, productive, and peaceful relationship with their money. He decided it was time to give people key knowledge about investing so that they could see how accessible and possible it could be in their lives. He knew from experience that if they would learn the basics of investing, they could create more opportunities for themselves.

Fred’s passion for his work is eclipsed by only a few things: his faith, his love for his wife, his three sons, three grandchildren, and his little dog Bailey.  

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