Killer mistakes of investing

Essentials of Investments:
The Killer Mistakes that Derail
Investment Success

Many beginner investors make decisions about investing in the stock market and mutual funds without understanding the impact of those decisions. Fortunately, many of these investment mistakes are preventable with the proper knowledge and understanding.

The Killer Investment Mistakes To Know

The first step in protecting yourself from making investing mistakes is to acknowledge what those mistakes are. Here are the most common mistakes investors make, and how you should avoid them.

Not Starting Now

Everybody wishes they would have started investing earlier. So, give yourself grace and don’t continue to put off starting (every day you wait you’re just compounding the opportunity cost).

There are two reasons to get started now, first is that you’re going to have to go through a learning curve to ask the right questions, and second is that you’re missing out on compound interest. So, don’t make the mistake of not starting. Get started now!

Not Aligning Your Asset Mix With Your Goals

When it comes to investing, knowing what your end goal is essential. Whether you’re saving for your first house, your child’s university education, or even a more comfortable retirement, your asset mix is incredibly important to take into account.

Not Understanding What You Own

As an investor you’ll need to find a balance between knowing nothing, knowing everything, and knowing just enough. By not overwhelming yourself with too much detail about your investments, you’re able to move quicker and release yourself from the tension of how your investments are doing.

Paying Excessive Investment Expenses

While compound interest works in your favor, excessive investment expenses (management fees, etc.) work against you. Because of this, you must understand what you’re paying in terms of investment fees, how that impacts your net return, and how you can evaluate your investment teams over time.

Remember, a 1% fee can become a major expense over the lifetime of your investment.

Not Making Big Changes During Extreme Markets

When the market is changing rapidly, this can cause timid investors to make hasty decisions on investments (typically based on fear or greed). These emotional decisions usually cause catastrophic outcomes to your investment outcomes and should be avoided as much as possible. If you must make an investment decision during an extreme market, it’s important to consult with an investment professional.

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