Engaging major donors

Engaging Major Donors

How to Ask for Big
Gifts in Better Ways

Let’s face it. Fundraising is a big part of a
pastor’s job, but it’s not often the best part.

A Conversation with Bob Merritt and Fred Martin

In this short conversation between friends, BOB MERRITT (the former senior pastor of Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota) sits down with his good friend FRED MARTIN, a portfolio manager who has also been a major donor to the ministry of the church. They discuss the heart behind a major gift, the way to engage a person of wealth in meaningful ways, and the best way to be effective in important fundraising conversations.

Fred Martin

Fred is the founder of Inspired Investment Leadership, a nonprofit that helps everyday people develop a purposeful, productive, and peaceful relationship with their money. Fred also has nearly 45 years experience as the portfolio manager and head of a major investment firm in Minneapolis, MN.

Bob Merritt

Bob Merritt is the retired pastor of Eagle Brook Church in Minnesota, that became a church of 28,000 and 10 locations under his leadership. Today, Bob helps pastors and churches navigate the heavy load of leading and speaking that can feel overwhelming.