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All Leaders Start Somewhere.
Investors Do Too.

Investment literacy to move you from apprehensive to engaged.

Start Seeing Yourself as an Investor

The Investment Essentials Course — a refreshingly simple classroom experience that is moving people from apprehensive to engaged with investing

Essentials Course


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What’s Included In Your
Investment Essentials Course


Key Concepts

The terms to know and expectations to have


Killer Mistakes

The common missteps in investing


Annual Investment Physical

Tools to help you succeed


The Path Forward

The vision and next steps

Build Your Confidence In Your Investment Journey

Live a more informed and engaged financial life with the language, the perspectives, and the tools you need for active, healthy investing.

For you.
For your family.
For your community.
For your future.

From the concepts and terms to learn to the disciplines, habits, and expectations to form, The Essential Investment Course gives you the framework and tools to understand and navigate the investing market — no matter where you consider yourself financially.

Want to Learn More? exists to remove the mystery and intimidation surrounding investing so that people can enter into a healthy relationship with money and find new, creative ways to enrich their lives.