The Three E's Of Investing: Fundamentals for Your Future

At Objective Measure, our mission is to teach investment literacy and empower individuals to be active participants in their investments. The goal? For people to feel educated and engaged so that they can excel in life. When you are equipped with knowledge and actively participating in your investments, you are primed to excel in your financial goals. Join us as we review the “Three E’s of Investing” and give you the tools to enrich your life.


Investing starts with your time, not your money. Knowledge is the foundation of financial literacy and in order to grow and advance through the process, you must be willing to learn. There are many components that make up the basics of personal finance; from budgeting to saving, and emergency planning to vacation planning, it’s important to establish the groundwork of financial knowledge to plan for the future.

Beyond personal finance, there is a deeper level of financial education available: investments. This can be a difficult progression with its new jargon and challenging topics like financial markets, assets, interest, and risk management. Many people feel intimidated trying to bridge the gap between personal finance and investing, but this is where you develop a deeper understanding of financial systems and how you can participate in them. Our Investment Essentials course was designed to introduce you to the basics of investing and give you the confidence needed to advance from apprehensive to engaged with your investments.


Plenty of people invest their money and leave it untouched for the next 20 to 40 years. However, through active participation in your investments, you can be informed and empowered to reach your goals. This means understanding your investments and asking the right questions every step of the way. Objective Measure aims to fully equip you to set goals, make decisions, and handle the inevitable changes that come throughout the journey. As you gain experience, you can tailor and adjust the rules to best fit your unique goals.

Engagement includes a variety of behaviors which will help you move with confidence. First, you should create a thorough plan, complete with goals, risk mitigation, time, and discipline. It’s important to actively participate in your plan: understanding how the markets are changing and how your investments are affected. Additionally, regular monitoring provides checkpoints for reviewing investment performance and costs.

Lastly, active participation does NOT mean you are always buying, selling or changing your investments – sometimes there is no change needed. But in order to understand when to do or not do, you must be diligently attentive to all of these factors.


The experience gained through education and engagement will give you the tools you need to excel in life. Investing can deeply enrich your life, but it all starts with a vision. What is the future you want to realize for yourself? By creating, pursuing, and achieving financial milestones, you gain access to the life you always dreamed of: one with countless opportunities for generosity, adventure, and financial freedom.

Another part of excelling is developing an earnest perspective for the process. Remember: investing is a marathon, not a sprint. You will make mistakes; they are impossible to avoid. It’s incredibly important to be patient and give yourself grace. Mistakes are learning opportunities that deepen our understanding. When you chase the vision, instead of the money, you create capacity for these learning experiences and leverage them for growth.

The 3 E’s are three major stages of financial development. Education is a time for curiosity, learning, and building confidence; it’s the necessary groundwork everyone must lay. Engagement is active participation, where experience expands and understanding evolves. And finally excelling is the enriched life you’ve been dreaming of; a season of freedom and abundance. Investing always involves risk, but with the three E’s of investing, you can increase success and achieve your ultimate vision.