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Investing Can Be Intimidating.
Most of us are. Let’s fix that.
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Start Understanding How to Move Forward.
Do you need to evaluate or
need to act?
Let’s simplify and gain enough
knowledge to move forward.
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Start Engaging
with Confidence.
Use our simple tools and processes for now and throughout your investment journey!

Understanding investing is hard and can make us feel embarrassed, overwhelmed and anxious. As a result, we tend to avoid conversations about investing and even worse, it can stop us from investing.

This is where Objective Measure comes in – we are a nonprofit here to teach basic investment literacy to empower you to become a confident, active participant in your investments.

Join the Objective Measure Classroom to start enriching your life with investments!

What does Objective Measure do?
Is Objective Measure right for me?
How do I start with Objective Measure?

We simplify investing by teaching you a few essential concepts. Our simple investment tools and processes allow you to utilize these concepts to evaluate your current investments. You will learn the right questions to ask to gain greater transparency, identify red flags, and determine the path that is best for you to move forward. Learn more here.

Start Understanding How to Move Forward

When it comes to investing, most of us fall into one of two categories: needing to act or needing to evaluate. Without basic investment knowledge, it’s difficult for either category to know how to move forward. ObjectiveMeasure.org wants to simplify investing to give you enough knowledge to move forward. The result is that you will start seeing yourself as an investor.

Let us be crystal clear about a few things:


Our intention is not to make you rich. It is to enrich your life.


Our goal is to equip you with enough knowledge to get 6+% return on your investments.


We aim to make you a confident investor.


We are a non-profit and will not try to sell you anything.

Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man to
Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime.

— unknown

This quote helps us to illustrate what ObjectiveMeasure.org teaches. We could tell you how to invest or evaluate your
current investments and tell you what to do next but that doesn’t make you a confident investor or prepare you to be
become an active participant in your investments. Instead, we teach you how to utilize our simple tools and establish
processes so that you are capable of asking the right questions to understand your investments now and throughout your
investment journey.

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