Today can be more than digging out of debt or hoping you have enough to get by. Tomorrow is bigger than preparing to retire or leaving an inheritance. Bigger expectations come from better choices. Objective Measure was designed to inspire and empower everyday people to align their money with their life’s purpose. This nonprofit was created to help you shift your focus from today’s financial burdens to understanding how simple changes in your thoughts and habits can provide a brighter financial future.

Change Your Habits. Change Your Possibilities.

The Objective Measure Course and The Objective Measure Conference are two ways that Inspired Investment Leadership is transforming the way people think about financial planning, investing, and the future.

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“I highly recommend this conference – so many new ideas and concepts that have been brought to my life and can be applied to my career.  I look forward to next year’s conference!”


“It was a phenomenal conference and I will be back next year and will probably bring back all my friends.”


“Thank you for teaching me about fees, demanding transparency from my advisor and inspiring me to prepare for my financial future.”


“This conference has a message that needs to be heard by everybody – no matter who they are.  This conference will make you better. “


“This conference has given me the tools and confidence to be successful and focus on establishing trust with clients.”


“This conference has given me the tools necessary to evolve as a person to succeed in my personal and professional life.”


” I was impressed with the focus on ethics in the financial community and the overall learning experience of this conference.  I will be recommending this conference to my friends and professional colleagues. “

Patrick K

“The conference was in simple layman’s terms and taught me so much about the finance world!”


“I am inspired by the mission of Objective Measure and applaud them for shining a light on the fee transparency and trust and how our communication styles can better our professional and personal life.”


“The conference was fun, professional, engaging and educational. I will be back next year.”